Damini Dwivedi Review for Farha Khan Studio, Hauz Khas

This store is my best find in hauz khas till date. It specialises mostly in Pakistani style of salwar and kameez. The embroidery is not only beautiful and elegant, but also very hard to find. The collection has a very earthy feel of authenticity to it. and you can find great kurtas for everyday wear and at the same time dress to impress as the range here begins from 350 and ends at 850. With the right pairing and accessories you can buy a number of things here and make a valuable and unique addition to your wardrobe and style and come back again wanting more. The fabrics mainly used are wool and cotton, 100% authentic. A must visit store in delhi!!

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  • Hunar Behal

    Farha khan studio is best store for who like to wear indian wear in a daily .they most have Pakistani style of salwar and kameez. All the kind embroidery which are available with are very elegant and hard to find. You can find beautiful thread embroidery which can take your heart away. Range is start from 350 to 850. They have accessories which can add valuable and uniqueness to your whole outfit like earing , bracelet. The fabrics used are wool and cotton. All over is good store to visit read more...

  • Babita Chakraborty

    My mom buys subtle and classy collection of Pakistani style kurti sets and salwar kameez from this store . The store had a an vintage and authentic touch to it just like its collection. They had kurtis with beautiful embroidery and silhouette in jute, wool, cotton, silk etc. The prices were a bit high but you can’t expect less from a store situated in HKV! I would definitely visit this store again simply because their collection consists of garments of a particular style and embroidery so neat that it’s really hard to find such perfect hand work now days. So ladies who want to look a bit vintage and chic at the same time do check out Farha Khan’s studio in HKV! read more...

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  • The Studio
    Hauz Khas

    The store is tucked in those tiny little inroads of the hauz khas village and maybe a little too hard to find but once you find it, i assure you it’ll be totally worth your while. The range here starts from 10k and goes upto 20-25k. This is the go to store for Indian couture wear and the collection is very well put together and has peices that promise to make you feel like a royal. The lehengas and tunics have just the right amount of gold and embroidery. Plus the store also has a great collection of jewellery so no more store hopping for the right accessories as you will get all that you need under one roof. This store perfectly caters to your post and pre wedding function needs. read more...

  • Ogaan
    Hauz Khas

    This store is definitely one of my favourite places in Delhi to shop at for the kind of clothes you would like to keep in your wardrobe for a long time, and probably pass on to your children ;) both the western and the Indian collection seems to be carefully curated and every individual piece has a timelessness. They have a HUGE collection of tunics, shirts, scarves and gowns and definitely among one of the best in Delhi. The style quotient here is reflected in how chic you feel once you don one of these peices. The price range in western wear stars from 5k and can go upto 30k while the Indian range starts from 20k and can go upto a whopping 6 lacs. read more...