Chibi Saikia Review for Punk, Greater Kailash

Punk is a store whose collection goes parallel to its name. All the items available in the store is cool and funky. They have collections for both men and women while majority of the clothing they offer is unisexual. For women, they have capri pants and muscle tees available in a large variety of prints. For they boys, they have a large collection of t-shirts and flip flops available. Their unisex collection includes funky t-shirts, neckpieces and keychains.The store highlights is its collection of hats with kitten ears and the beanies. In addition, I also liked their collection of framed posters of funny dialogues and caricatures. Most of the posters and t-shirts has rather obscene comic pictures with a funny twist. Overall,the collection is cool. The young generation will definitely enjoy shopping from the store. The t-shirts here are offered at a really good price of just 300 INR. However, you will abhor the store if you are not an advocate of punk clothing.

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  • Richa Shukla

    If you're more into the dark-retro-punk-emo look, Punk in G.K. is the store for you. You'll find the store in the basement and the staircase alone gives you a very dark-emo vibe. The walls of the store are dark but the atmosphere complements its theme. You'll find a nice range of wigs, tees, chains, buttons, tops,beanies, shorts,hats, dresses and boxers. You will find clothes for both men and women but it has a wider range for men than women. If you love graphic tees, you can find the best here. You can find The Simpson's tees, peace logo tees, marijuana logo tees, The Simpson's boxers and other graphic illustrated boxers. For girls, they have a nice selection of crop tops in dark... read more...

  • Vidisha Sharma

    This is a world for all the free-spirited souls who just want to wear the vibes via their clothes!! This store in GK M Block market has the most quirkiest and freakish decor which is decorated with skulls and graphics. The store has its own theme of Dark-Emo clothing and all the apparels are inspired by this theme. They have an offbeat clothing range for both men and women whereby they offer graphic tees, hoodies, shorts, jackets, boxers, dresses, tops etc. You can pick logo tees, printed tops, graphic tees,comic tees and tees with captions out of which some are even adorned with studs, metals etc. They even offer beanies, bags, wallets, key-chains, caps and hats which complemented their... read more...

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  • Monte Carlo
    Greater Kailash

    Monte carlo is a huge power station of good quality clothing for men and women. Talking about their women's collection first, they have t shirts, shirts, trouser, track pants and cool jumpers available. The v neck and the collared t-shirts in bright shades of pink, yellow and green are a very smart option for daily wear clothing. They have formal trousers and chequered shirts available for office wear too. On the sporty side they have track suits available in all sorts of colours. For the men, they have a likewise collection. They have a cool collection of half pants in pep colours. However, my only complain is the variety here. Both the quality and the price is reasonable but the... read more...

  • Vero Moda
    Greater Kailash

    Vero moda is a brand that totally justifies its name. This particular store in G.K is a huge store with a fabulous collection. The women collection stores a huge variety in tops, shorts and trousers. The highlights of the store is its range of chic bathing suits in black, monochrome and solid blazers, sheer tops and embellished sandals. They have a collection of fringe-end kimonos in fabrics like chiffon and suede which looked very boho-stylish. They also have a flipping lutely large variety of shorts available for women in jeans and cotton. The store has aptfully stored a summery collection of floral prints and mild hues. Apart from this, they have long skirts and maxi dresses with... read more...